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Spa Pedicure

Classic Pedicure$31
Our classic pedicure will leave your toes clean, shaped and buffed. You will have a light callus removal, completed with a relaxing massage and a hot towel wrap.
Deluxe Pedicure$43
You will get the full Classic pedicure experience followed by an organic citrus sugar scrub that will leave your skin smooth and shining. Then, relieve yourself with a green tea and cucumber clay mask massage full of antioxidants and essential vitamins.


Oasis Pedicure$53
Get all the benefits of the Classic and Deluxe pedicure along with a heavenly long lasting feet massage. This treatment is to penentrate tesnsion and restore energy, leaving you feel rejuvenated. You will get to pick between four triclosan-free and paraben-free scents to complete your pampering experience.
1. Virgin Olive Sensation – “A sprinkle of virgin olive with vitamin A and E. Revive your feet”
2. Vitamin Recharge – “A blast of pink grapefruit with vitamin C. Recharge your feet”
3. Ocean Refresh – “A mist of ocean breeze with a pinch of peppermint. Refresh and cool your feet”
4. Lavender Relief – “A burst of lavender aroma and lavender extract! Relieve and smooth your feet!”
5. Cucumber Fresh – “A fresh cucumber used to prevent premature aging of skin and reduces redness”
VIP Pedicure$65
You will never know life could get this good, until you meet the VIP Pedicure. We will exhilarate your skin with your choice of Pearl or Chamomile scents full of vitamins and minerals in addition to the long lasting massage that will leave you reawakened.
1. Pearl Spa – “The authentic pearl power contains 34% calcium and 56% protein as we as an assortment of amino acids. It is believed to good for bore development and to promote healthy skin”
2. Chamomile Spa – This is effective therapy for anxiety!


Callus Treatment$5
Your feet will be treated to an intense callus’s fluid remedy, left groomed and clean of dead skin. We will proceed will a callus paddle and energizing gel solution wrapped around you feet. Then we will cleanse the dead skin again with a fine pumice stone to ensure the transition of thick skin to smooth and soft.